Written and illustrated by Carson Ellis

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Written entirely in gibberish, this book shows richly drawn scenes of various bugs gathering and communicating in order to build something around a plant that is growing, and the resulting changes that come with the changing seasons. This could be an enjoyable book for kids between the ages of 3-5, which is when they typically begin the peak of their imaginative play. 

During the reading: 

  • You could ask your child to tell the story, and either sound out the gibberish with a variety of voices and tones, or skip the speaking parts altogether (but try to really let your child lead the storytelling!). Or, you could have your child tell the left page and you tell the right page as you go through to tell the story together. 
  • Try to respond really positively to your child’s storytelling and interpretation! Don’t try to change or take over what they say, but ask more details and react appropriately to the story they tell. That will help your child enjoy the time spent together with this book and develop greater love and trust in you! You will be showing them that you are somebody they can continue to go to with ideas and interpretations of things going on around them. 

Themes: change, imagination, nature, silly

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