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How to Use this Site

  1. Find books you want to read with your child by browsing by age, take a look at the themes list to find a topic that aligns with your values, or browse the list of all books I’ve reviewed. Each book has a rating and brief description to help you decide if you want to buy it, check it out from the library, or leave it on the shelf! Be sure to check out my Rating System Explained page to understand why each book has its particular rating.
  2. Once you have a book you like, check out the During the Reading section on that book’s review. These sections are full of suggestions for things you can do and talk about with your child. What’s important to understand is that those suggestions are not intended to be used as an exactly prescribed procedure! Instead, I hope that you utilize them as they fit best with your family. You can take some or all suggestions exactly as I’ve written, modify ideas to better fit your child, or choose not to use them altogether.
  3. Subscribe and I’ll send you a weekly email with links to the reviews of the new books from that week. That will make it easy for you to quickly browse and see if anything catches your eye for some fresh reading! After all, nobody wants to get stuck reading the same bedtime story every. single. night.