Written and illustrated by Sophie Beer

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This deceptively simple book contains so many layers of teaching kindness that makes it an amazing resource to continually refer back to for children! The book goes through incredible examples of how to be kind. Since children aren’t able to understand abstract concepts like adults are, they need concrete examples and definitions in order to fully grasp something. So showing what kindness means through a series of examples and diverse illustrations of children doing those examples is the best way they could learn the concept! 

During the reading: 

  • Define any words your child doesn’t know! It can be helpful to first ask your child if they know what something means, like patience, then to see what they already understand and where they might have gaps in their knowledge you can fill in. This book is only going to be so incredible if they understand what each explanation of kindness means, so take the time to help them get to that point. 
  • If you can think of times when your child has done one of these specific things, tell them about it and ask how they felt when they did it! Or ask them to recount to you a time when they did some of the things in the book. As they recall these times and you sincerely praise their kindness, they will build up their moral identity and feel the importance of kindness in who they are.
  • When you read about the examples, talk about how they’re working on the page! For example, when you read that “kindness is offering comfort” show how the little boy on the page broke his drum and so he’s sad! You can talk about the feelings of the children on the page and. Show your child how he’s crying, but the girl next to him saw that he was sad and came and hugged him! You could have your child practice explaining the page so that the examples of kindness are really clear to them. 

Themes: kindness, friendship, sharing, siblings

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