Picture Book Choice Your personalized guide for choosing, reading, and talking about your child’s books

Rating System Explained

My book rating system isn’t based on my personal opinions! Instead, I determine the rating for each book based on the level of developmentally beneficial content for the age of children the book is written for, quality of writing, and the value of the themes and lessons.

The three categories and examples of how they are assigned are:

Like it!

A book will get a Like it! rating if it is well-written for the age group of children and is highly beneficial in its message and themes.

Just fine!

A Just fine! book might have a good concept, but not be very easy for kids to understand. It doesn’t mean your child won’t like it! It could also be a fun book, but not necessarily helpful for child development in any specific way.

Disliked it!

A Disliked it! book is one that either teaches bad lessons, sends a potentially harmful message, or teaches children inappropriate behavior.