Written and illustrated by Anna Llenas

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Meet Color Monster, the creature who wakes up with his emotions all mixed up. Thanks to his friend, he is able to separate his emotions, identify them all, and ultimately feel better. The book goes through a variety of emotions with a color to represent each one, and does an incredible job of explaining how they feel and what you might do with that emotion. The book practically pops off the pages with fun, bright illustrations to match every emotion perfectly. All the feelings are portrayed positively and accepted by the color monster in the end, but in its own separate jar so that he can feel comfortable again.

During the reading: 

  • Right when you start off the book and see the color monster waking up confused in his feelings, ask your child if they’ve ever felt this way before! If you can help them to remember a specific time when they felt overwhelmed by emotions and didn’t know what to do, then this book will be an even more fantastic guide for them to learn to identify and separate them out. 
  • As you read about the reactions the color monster has to the different emotions, ask your child about how they feel and what they do when they feel that particular emotion! For some, like anger, this would be a helpful place to talk about appropriate reactions and inappropriate reactions. It is vital for children to understand that all feelings are okay and part of life, but that what they do with those feelings can be good or bad. Through your discussions about each emotion, you can help your child to understand that principle of responsibility for their actions no matter what they’re feeling, while still being okay with having each feeling.
  • In the end, we see a new emotion, represented by pink and accompanied by hearts. See if your child can mimic the earlier pages of the book by identifying the emotion and describing some things about it! Whether they choose love or something different, this will be a helpful exercise for them in labeling a feeling and understanding what goes along with it!

Themes: anger, emotions, fear, problem solving

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